Option Availability
Wifi OK
CC cam OK
Power vu key OK
Ten Sports & Sony Network Not OK
Sony network Intelsat 66/68 Not OK
Software release Date 21-02-2020

What's New in this Update

Option Availability
Nothing Nothing

File Download Link

Download Ten Sports Ok New Receiver Software

For Upgrade any Receiver's Software Follow these Steps with carefully.

Follow in this way
1 Download the Software of Your Receiver and Copy in to your "Flash/USB Drive"
2 Attach your USB in to The Receivers and Open Your Receiver "Setting Menu"
3 Go to Media Player/Media setting and Than Click on "Upgrade By USB"
4 Than select Your file from "Flash/USB Drive" and click on Start
5 Than this will ask you for permission [click on yes] Now Your Receiver is Upgrading
Than Your Receiver During The Upgrade Restart Automatic And Now Your Receiver is Up To Date.

× Note! These options may be different in your case, but you do not have to worry. Think through your mind and try it yourself.
× Warning! During upgrading your receiver don't turn off your receiver or if you do not know much about receivers, in this case please contact with an expert. otherwise your receiver may be dead.