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Redvision P12 Hd Receiver New Software 8 January 2021

Redvision P12 Hd Receiver New Software 8 January 2021

Screen Shoots
software version info

Screen short 1

Screen short Menu info

Screen short 2

Screen Short settings
Setting Password = 9070

Screen short 3

Screen Short E Cast Option

Screen short 4

Screen short 5

File Download Link

Download Software

For Upgrade, any Receiver's Software Follow these Steps with carefully.

Follow in this way
1 Download the Software of Your Receiver and Copy into your "Flash/USB Drive"
2 Attach your USB into The Receivers and Open Your Receiver "Setting Menu"
3 Go to Media Player/Media setting and Than Click on "Upgrade By USB"
4 Then select Your file from "Flash/USB Drive" and click on Start
5 Then this will ask you for permission [click on yes] Now Your Receiver is Upgrading

During upgrading, your Receiver will Restart Automatically.

"Hurrah! Now Your Receiver is Up To Date"

× Note! These options may be different in your case, but you do not have to worry. Think through your mind and try it yourself.
× Warning! During upgrading don't turn off your receiver or if you do not know much about satellite receivers, in this case, please contact an expert. otherwise, your receiver may be dead.

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